Con(viction) - Anthology of the Co
Con(viction) is an anthology of short stories. ".. to those who like their fiction a bit on the darker side. These stories are thematic and fit a wide spectrum of genres. Like any good convention, you can find a little bit of everything in one place and feel confident that you aren't going to be disappointed."
- Gothic City Press
Featured stories by: Matthew Kelly and Denis Gagné
Love and Continuity . Matt Kelly
Post-Human . Denis Gagné
Her . Jon Sauve
Best Booty . Harry Kane
Damaged, Beaten, Bloody . Kevin David Anderson
A Map of the Heart . Eliza Hirsch
30 Seconds . Carole Hall
Decisions, Decisions . J. M. Vogel
Inheritance . Philip Roberts
Obsession . Ellen Denton
Irrefragably Indecorous . Timothy Reilly
Closer to Perfect . C.M. Garlock
První A Poslední . Julian Zyphichore

".. This book brings you a selection of contemporary artists from all over the world .. giving examples of how we as individuals can transform our ever-changing world into an environment that is worth living in again."
- Artnow International Corporation
maria eugenia akel . eliz alahverdian . silvia andrade . carole beauvais . paul bennett . elisa bergel . soli bolanos . catharina burman . orlando chiang . joohee chun . jesse collette . leigh anthony dehaney . alberto gonzalez . li haotu . tammy honey . juraj kollar . vali kolotourou . kriangkrai kongkhanun . matt licari . katya malakhova . elizabeth mallia . andrew miakchilo . andrea morganstern . mark pate . julie paveglio . samuel peacock . marina reiter . thelma van rensburg . minja revonkorpi . gayle visentine reynolds . sandra robertz . sebastian sabal bruce . nana sakata . tawatchai somkong . nick stonehouse . josefina temin . jan vasilko . robert west . ralph white . shaun wilson . karel witt . grace wawa yang
"re IMAGINE Contemporary Art" (2011) available on Amazon

Paperback: 107 pages
Publisher: Artnow Intl Corp; first edition, August 2011
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9820921-3-2